3D optics

 LinkOptics is an optics leading company in Taiwan, our mian services are providing the "Link" service to introduce you from exellent optics manufacturing from single elements to finished lenses. 

For the customer who need from optical design to finished product, we are willing to provide you from the excellent optics design( R&D ) by Israel, customer service and procurement in Taiwan and manufacture in China, which is the best solution to provide you with lower cost, good product and excellent customer service.
And, we also do the 3D business from 3D scanner and printer provider in Taiwan. 
Please check the product icon then you could have more understanding for our product range.

  The purpose for the LINK combination is to improve for the speed, provide customer for excellent quality product from design to finished product, also cost saving, excellent and closely customer service.
Please feel free to contact with us, our rich experience optics team members will do our best to cooperate with you.

services: 3D scanner,3D printer,car lens,small lens,secruity lens,prism,rod,plasic injection